New report launched! Read The State of LTE

Have we fully entered the 4G age? The answer to that question depends on where on the globe you live. In OpenSignal’s most recent batch data we found that in some countries LTE has become a near ubiquitous technology, providing broadband speeds no matter where you go. In other countries, LTE is just beginning its adolescence.

But in general we’re seeing both speeds and 4G availability creeping up across the globe as operators deploy new networks in new places and upgrade the networks they’ve already built. Getting a 20 Mbps connection is now commonplace in multiple countries as operators expand into new frequency bands and take advantage of new LTE-Advanced techniques. We’re seeing awe-inspiring data rates in seemingly unlikely places like eastern Europe as operators who entered the 4G race late make up for lost time. We’re also seeing some of LTE’s earliest adopters such as the U.S. fall behind their global peers.

OpenSignal collects its data from smartphone owners like you through its app (available on iOS andAndroid). That anonymous crowdsourced data goes into building our impartial coverage maps as well as our analytical reports (for a more detailed explanation, see our general methodology page). For this report, we drew data from the hundreds of thousands of OpenSignal users that have LTE-capable phones and connect to operators with live 4G networks. That data was collected in three months between June and August, but we also included our results from the previous three months for comparative purposes.

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