[REDMOON] Long Wallet RM-CM-MS





In Japan and overseas, it is very popular model.
The Concho of all sizes aligned,Original model.

Concho of material is good and German silver, and has been recognized and processing is difficult.

Because it is possible that the attachment to attach the rope also we attach for free, please put a check in the attachment comes with the time of your order!

Concho in there is a weight, and no problem is once you put in a pocket, feeling that were put in pocket is the strong presence of a masterpiece!

Handmade Made in Japan
High quality product

Our leather wallet with the “Basic Evolution” design concept uses Redmoon’s exclusively produced Aged Saddle Leather. Elevating the wallet from a smaller role, to the focus our fashion design.
The one and only brand produced by our founder Keiichiro Goto.
He is a pioneer of the industry who pushed up leather purse cases from supporting characters in fashion scenes to main actors that shine in hip pockets of jeans.
He named his products “leather wallet” and shipped them to the world under a new concept “basic with evolutions”.
He also proposed “Saddle Leather” product with aging effects to add extra values on to Japan-made original natural leather.
His masterpiece includes the revolutionary model “HR-01”, which became a new standard in the industry, and the deerskin one-piece model “Deer Skin Shirt”.
 Every single item of our products is proudly hand-made in Japan using our original leather and process under the responsibility of our young craftworkers.

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